Friday, October 28, 2011

Bright future ahead!!!!

Its been a struggle still but i believe i will eventually win it.The gymn has been going well and using a smaller plate size is really helpful.I think i am mentally at a good place regarding portion control.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Finally i made the decision to join the fitness centre near my home.This has been the toughest battle of my life.I am someone who eats too much when happy and on the other hand,i have no appetite at all when i am stressed or upset.Its been tough.As i weighed myself today,the scale showed 86.10kgs compared to my highest weight ever which was 87.60kgs about two months ago.Its been tough and i am glad the numbers are at least going down.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Walking myself thin..

Its been almost 2 weeks now since i have been walking almost 6km a day.I am so proud of myself and i am feeling the change in my body.What am i doing differently now,one may ask....well i am not doing it on my own now.I am now joined by 2 of my neighbours who are also full time moms and house wives like myself and we have been exercising together from day one,Wed 8 Sept 2010.Sometimes i do feel like not exercising but those two ladies inspire me so much and have kept me in line and i am actually shedding the kilos.Tomorrow is the weighing day.Last week i had gone from being 87.0kg to being 85.2kg.So...i can say so far so good.No more dieting for me but rather some lifestyle changes and portion control.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Eating Right

I never thought i would ever be one of those people who were going to be overweight.I dont want to think about how i looked about 5 years ago,it is not going to help me at all.I have decided to love myself as i am and therefore be kind to my body.I am watching what goes into my mouth now and i am drinking lots of water.So far so good and thanks again to the support from my dearest friend.Today i had wholewheat bread,brown rice,boiled cabbage and i am making the necessary baby steps and i am going to get there.Today i bought one of those loose a dress size tights and it was amazing how they transformed my belly into a flat sexy tummy.I had an amazing feeling of how gorgeous i was,and i loved it and loved how i looked in my dresses.I was like a child ,changing from one outfit to another just to see how fabulous i looked with a flatter tummy.I am so motivated right now because i saw the potential in me which i was beginning to think was not there,,,,Anyway

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I am so proud of myself and what i have accomplished so far.I have been exercising since the first of July and only skipped a week when my son was in hospital.I have decided to do aerobics at least twice a day.I can feel my tummy is not bloated anymore although it definitely still needs more work.I have now added acai berry to my programme and hopefully it will help.My best friend whom i think has the most gorgeous body has been so supportive.She has been encouraging in so many ways and also came up with an idea that we weigh each other once a month.I hope i wont let myself down again.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Working on my abs ..

Hip hop abs is a work out for serious people.It's hectic hey, but i am feeling it.Sometimes i feel like giving up and just be, but the thought of buying new clothes with a new dress size motivates me.I cannot give up this fight for so many reasons.Being fat restricts you from doing so many exciting activities,no i am definitely not talking about sports but

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I am back..

Its been almost two months since my last posting and its been a tough ride.I never recovered from that 13 day diet and my down fall was on the day when the menu said i could eat whatever i wanted.I should have realised that old trick, and i of cause fell for it and went all out with pizza.I have gained more weight and i now weigh 85kg which is the heaviest that i have been all my life.I will try my utmost best to eat food in small portions even my favourite because i have learnt the hard way about this dieting thing.It is true, i need to change my life style completely for me to get to my goal.Anyway...